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5 Nutrients Men Shouldn’t Miss

So maybe you’ve adapted a workout routine, you’re getting enough sleep, and you’re trying to eat as much salad as you can possibly stomach. You need to know that it might not be enough — after all, nutrients are the reason for eating well, not just weight loss. Here are 5 essential nutrients for male health that you might be missing out on, and how to get them. 


It’s crucial to your health to have the right amount of potassium, but most men only get between 60-70% of their daily requirement. Potassium gives your cells the ability to use glucose for energy; it also helps regulate your sodium, reducing heartattack risk.
Easy sources: Bananas, avocadoes, potatoes

Vitamin D

You’ve already heard the spiel about it being good for your bones (and it is), but what you might not know is that vitamin D reduces your risk of arterial inflammation. Read: easy stroke prevention.
Easy sources: Tuna, orange juice, milk, yogurt, eggs


Physicians are finding that even though most men are getting their recommended amount of B-12 through moderate consumption of meat, many people aren’t actually absorbing it properly. One of the main causes for this is its interaction with diabetes medications and antacids — so if you take one or the other of these, invest in a B-12 supplement, or make a cereal commitment!
Easy sources: Fortified cereals


250 milligrams is all it takes to meet the magnesium standard. Experts estimate that it’s involved in at least 300 crucial processes in your body, including body temperature regulation, detoxification, and healthy teeth.
Easy sources: Navy beans, supplements (look for magnesium citrate, as it’s easily absorbed)


Iodine is what makes your thyroid tick, which in turn is responsible for the proper function of most internal organs. Don’t rely on salt for iodine – not all food manufacturers use iodized salt, and the iodized salt itself doesn’t always meet recommended daily intake requirements for this nutrient.
Easy sources: Milk, iodized salt, eggs