As of Monday, December 18, 2022, Jefferson Surgical Clinic physicians and staff are employed by Carilion Clinic.

Jefferson Surgical Clinic and Carilion share the same philosophy about the practice of medicine. We believe in an evidence-based, patient-centered approach that emphasizes care coordination and keeping people healthy. As a patient, you’ll receive the same care and compassion from your surgical provider. Also, you’ll have access to additional resources through Carilion, including MyChart, a secure online health management tool, and easy connections to many specialty services through an electronic medical record system.

If you have questions regarding an upcoming appointment, you can continue to reach your care team at (540) 283-6000..

The patient portal is no longer active due to system changes. Please call (540) 283-6070 for account questions or to make a payment on your account.

About Us

All our physicians are board certified specialists and are deeply committed to continued education. They are well versed in the latest research and medical advancements in their field and have a collective experience of directing and/or performing 10,000+ vascular surgeries.

Equally important, our physicians are committed to patient education. We provide patients with the materials and knowledge needed to assist them in learning about their health, providing details on the procedures and treatments Jefferson Surgical Clinic offers to help them achieve their healthiest life. Our physicians take them time to ensure patients are fully informed about the care they receive and their role in reaching the best possible outcome.

Our History

“First, the patient always comes first. Always. Second, if one of our doctors asks their partner for assistance, it is given. Always. Third, we only choose physicians who we would trust to take care of our own families.” This quote from Dr. Robert L. A. Keeley, a devoted surgeon at Jefferson Surgical Clinic for nearly 50 years, best states the guiding principles of our practice.

For more than 60 years, Jefferson Surgical Clinic has provided patients with a convenient, personalized approach to care that big box providers have been unable to imitate. Founded in 1956 by W. W. S. Butler Jr., W. W. S. Butler III, A. P. Jones, Hugh Trout Jr. and Robert L. A. Keeley, our current office at 1234 Franklin Road is the original location of Jefferson Surgical Clinic, which was formed out of the nonprofit Jefferson Hospital originally located across the street. Eventually, Jefferson Hospital moved and became Community Hospital in partnership with LewisGale in the 1960s as the demand for hospital beds increased within the area. Our name, derived from Jefferson Hospital, came from Dr. Trout’s admiration for Thomas Jefferson.

The decision to move across the street for Dr. Trout and his colleagues was not an easy one. Facing hard times financially and stretched thin on supplies and nurses at the hospital, these doctors decided an independent clinic focused on personal care was what the community needed most. For years, patients would travel from Bedford; Radford; Rocky Mount; Blacksburg; Wytheville; Greenbrier County, West Virginia and beyond for care from the best surgeons in the region. They would even come in “carriage trades,” arriving in wagons and carriages for those that were wealthy.

While many aspects have changed in the time since, Jefferson Surgical Clinic’s principles have remained the same. Our practice has always been patient oriented, and we take pride in seeing patients promptly without delays and with clear communication. While other clinics and practices enforce the amount of face time patients receive with doctors, Jefferson Surgical Clinic never has, treating each patient as if they were a friend. In fact, over the years, it has not been uncommon for a Jefferson Surgical Clinic doctor to call patients after hours and check in or even drive patients home who didn’t have a ride.

Today, everyone at Jefferson Surgical Clinic still wants to do what is best for the patient, and our surgeons say that their relationships with one another and the staff is what makes this clinic unique. There’s not a surgeon here who wouldn’t want a colleague to treat them, and we think that sets us apart.

Physically, the main Jefferson Surgical Clinic office has been remodeled over the years to improve patient care, enabling us to continually improve service to Salem, Roanoke and the surrounding communities.  

Celebrating our Providers

These retired physicians devoted their careers to Jefferson Surgical Clinic:

W. W. S. Butler, Jr., M.D.
A. P. Jones, M.D.R.
R. Chamberlain, M.D.
Philip C. Kistler, M.D.
Edgar B. Cutter, M.D
Robert L. A. Keeley, M.D

W. W. S. Butler, III, M.D.
W. W. S. Butler, IV, M.D.
Nelson S. Teague, M.D.
John T. Allen, M.D.
William Pasley, M.D.

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We're here for you

We’ve made it our mission to care for you and your loved ones by providing specialized medical services and applying our knowledge, skill and experience. At Jefferson Surgical Clinic, the patient always comes first.