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Hearing and Audiology


The audiology specialists at Jefferson Surgical Clinic provide comprehensive hearing treatments and hearing aids for people living in Roanoke, Salem and surrounding communities in Virginia.

Our doctor of audiology will evaluate, diagnose and treat your hearing condition. If needed, we can provide you with a hearing aid solution that fits your lifestyle. Our knowledge and experience will help you choose–and learn to effectively use–a hearing aid.

Hearing loss is a frustrating condition that shouldn’t go untreated. Hearing treatments and hearing aids are cost effective choices that can make your life better. We recommend devices that we use ourselves and prescribe for our own families.

Your first step to better hearing is scheduling an appointment with the hearing specialists at Jefferson Surgical Clinic of Roanoke, Virginia. Call us today to schedule your visit.


Contact Information

Kim Lower, AUD

Jefferson Surgical Clinic
1234 Franklin Rd, S.W.
Roanoke, VA 24016

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Types of Service

  1. Audiogram hearing evaluations on patients of any age
  2. Diagnostic testing
  3. Treatment & management of hearing and balance disorders
  4. Hearing aids and assisted listening devices

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