Oral Health Linked Cardio Vascular Health

healthy Mouth Healthy Life JSCYou can learn a lot about a person by their smile. In fact, you may even be able to tell how healthy they are.

That’s because doctors have discovered that good oral health is often linked to better health overall. When dentists come across problems inside your mouth, it can often mean there is a problem deeper within body.

 "It’s over 130, I think, different systemic diseases that have some sort of oral sign or symptom,” said Dr. Joe Dill of Delta Dental. “It can be dry mouth, red spots, white spots, lumps, bumps, things like that. So dentists are really sort of the first line of seeing the results of something bigger going on in your body.”

Certain oral health issues have even been directly linked to cardio vascular problems. For example, plaque build-up on your teeth could mean there is plaque build-up in your arteries. Though doctors are not sure of the direct relationship between oral health and cardio vascular health, identifying these signs are useful for helping them detect health issues earlier than they were before.

These links are especially helpful in helping older patients.

“When we talk about vascular disease, part of the aging process is that the body forms plaque in the arteries and as we get older we form more plaque. Some of the risk factors that cause people to form plaque are diabetes, cigarette smoking and obesity” said Dr. James Drougas, a vascular surgeon at Jefferson Surgical Clinic. “As plaque forms, it develops blockages in the arteries. ... and those plaques can cause devastating problems as we get older.”

So how often should you go to the dentist? Well, that really depends on what your dentist suggests. Most people go anywhere from one to four times a years, it just depends on your situation. But don’t panic if your dentist asks you schedule a follow-up appointment in a short amount of time. It may just mean there’s something minor going on that he wants to keep an eye on.

To learn more about the link between oral health and cardio vascular health, you can watch the video below.

Last modified on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 12:15