Beat the Winter Blues

winter blues December is Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness Month. This disorder is commonly referred to as the Winter Blues and affects about 5% of Americans. Shorter days, colder temperatures and holiday stress can all contribute to the Winter Blues.

Here are some tips for the staff at Jefferson Surgical Clinic to help you combat these seasonal blues.


If you’re feeling that you’ve been isolating yourself, a night out might be the thing you need. Have a game night with friends, go see a local band, or visit a holiday lights display. You can also volunteer for an organization you’re passionate about and donate some of your time to their cause.


There’s a reason why some dishes are called comfort food.

Many foods served at holiday meals can be a mood booster. Various vitamins and minerals in foods such as turkey, leafy greens, and fruit can help boost your mood by improving serotonin levels, which control mood and memory. 


Increase the lighting in your home and office to combat the lower number of daylight hours during the winter. Specially designed lamps can simulate daylight, while using CFC or LED light bulbs in your home can produce brighter light.


The endorphins released during physical activity can help boost your spirits, so bundle up and go for a walk. If you really want to avoid the cold, take a fitness class or go to the gym with a friend.

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Last modified on Friday, 08 December 2017 13:09