Healthy & Happy in the New Year

Healthy resolutionsMany people will make a New Year’s resolution, but most won’t keep it. Common resolutions people make include losing weight, eating better, reading more and to quit smoking.

While their desires may have been genuine, their motivation or tools may not have been the right ones to help them succeed. Here are a few ways you can keep your New Year’s resolution.

Reading More

If you want to spend less time in front of the TV, start with reading one new book a month. Searching the library or internet for the top books of the previous year is a great way to find interesting books. You may also consider going back to your high school or college reading lists and reread books you loved back then. 

Quit Smoking

Create a “Quit Plan.” Pick a quit date and create a timeline to be completely smoke free. After selecting a quit date, find items that will help you during the initial quitting stage – gum, patch, hard candy, etc. Stock up on these items before your quit day has arrived.

Finally, set goals and rewards for yourself for completing weeks or months without a cigarette. 

Eating Healthier

Many try to change their diets cold turkey, cleaning out their cupboards and promising to not buy any more junk foods. But for many, one hungry trip to the store breaks that resolution quickly. Start the year out by identifying healthy recipes to try, and prepare one new recipe each week. After a few months, you’ll have a supply of healthy recipes to use.


You don’t need a gym membership to get in shape. What you should have is a work-out buddy and some comfy shoes. Walking for 30-45 minutes on a lunch break can be just as effective as spending an hour at the gym. You may also find it easier to reach your fitness goals if you have a friend to workout with.

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