Stay Healthy in Cold and Flu Season

hot tea and tissuesWinter is in-full-gear; so is cold and flu season.  While the likelihood of at least catching a cold each winter is high, are you prepared if/when you get sick? 

Know the Difference

Colds and flu share some symptoms, such as coughing and congestion.  With a cold, many can function through their daily routine (though with the inconvenience of the stuffy nose). A person with the flu, however, will find they do not have the energy to get out of bed.  Other flu symptoms include fever, sore throat and/or muscle aches. 

How to Prevent Illness

Prevention of any illness starts with self-care.  Staying hydrated, washing hands regularly, and avoiding others who are sick are ways to prevent illness.  Additionally, regularly cleaning your home and workstation with anti-bacterial solutions will help prevent the spread of germs.  The staff at Jefferson Surgical Clinic recommends you get a flu shot every year to prevent the flu.  While it is not effective 100% of the time, it can reduce the severity of the flu if you catch it.

If You Get Sick

Hydration and rest are important when you get a cold or the flu.  Keep a glass of water nearby and drink frequently.  Chicken soup may seem like a nostalgic choice, but mom may have been right to make chicken soup when you were a kid.  The warmth of the soup can soothe a sore throat, the herbs and spices can clear the sinuses, and the sodium in the broth can help keep you hydrated.  To help your recovery, and prevent the spread of germs, stay home and rest while you’re sick; read a book, catch up on movies, or just sleep.

If your symptoms don’t improve or get worse after a few days, Jefferson Surgical Clinic’s ENT department offers same-day appointments with Nurse Practitioner Susan Blick.  Call 530-283-6000 to schedule an appointment.

Last modified on Friday, 19 January 2018 15:21