Healthy Family Friendly Recipes

Healthy Meal blog sizeLooking to add a few new recipes to your menu?  Check out these delicious (and healthy) options.


Dress up your morning yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit, like this raspberry mango parfait, or perhaps a fruit platter with yogurt dip. Whole wheat pancakes with fruit are another great option. 


A great way to encourage kids (and some adults) to reach for fruits and vegetables as a snack is to dress them up.  Try these apple nachos, or veggies with dip (such as mustard dip, hummus or creamy cucumber-dill dip.)


With the winter and early spring chill, soups are a favorite meal choice for many families (and often provide great leftovers!)  Upgrade your regular chicken soup with spinach, try a savory carrot soup or a spicy chicken tortilla soup

Main Dishes

As the weather warms, grilling will become more frequent for many households.  Try this chimichurri grilled steak or peach chicken kebabs.  You can upgrade your pasta to a whole wheat spaghetti, or even zoodle Lo Mein for your family dinner.

Side Dishes

Up your game with side dishes by added bold flavors to vegetables: try mint sugar snap peas or parmesan roasted cauliflower.


If you’re looking for a sweet way to end a meal, apple bread pudding, or blackberry cobbler will help satisfy your sweet tooth, without guilt.