Celebrating Our Nurses

Nurses doing paperwork National Nurses Week has been set aside on May 6-12 each year to celebrate the importance of nurses in providing expert care to their patients. At Jefferson Surgical Clinic, we want to thank each and every one of our nurses for upholding the highest standards of the nursing profession in their encounters with our patients.

The first U.S. National Nurse week was observed in October 1954, although it was not made an annual event. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan made a proclamation designating May 6 as National Recognition Day for Nurses. In 1993, the American Nurses Association expanded the recognition permanently to a week-long event, to be known as National Nurses Week.


What You Need to Know About Nurses

The primary role of nurses is to support all individuals through health and illness. Nurses do this in the following ways:

1.Patient care: Nurses care for patients’ physical needs while working to prevent illness and treat existing health conditions. This is done through observance and careful monitoring of patients, recording crucial information to be used in their treatment.

2.Advocating for patients: Making the patient their top priority means advocating for their best interests throughout their treatment and care. Making suggestions on care is more important because sick patients may not be able to fully comprehend medical situations or repercussions on their own.

3.Planning care: Nurses think critically on behalf of their patients, identifying signs and potential problems so they can make the best recommendations for their treatment. They must be able to accurately communicate concerns with other medical staff, including physicians and specialists.

4.Patient education: Ensuring their patients understand their medical condition, medication, and treatment is an important role of nurses. Nurses also must ensure families know how to best support the patient when they leave the hospital. 


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