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For many, coping with seasonal and year-round allergies is an all too familiar problem. Before recommending treatment options to lessen or eliminate allergy symptoms, our board-certified ENT allergist, Dr. Zachmann, must first determine what the body is allergic to. This is accomplished through allergy testing, which tests for particles commonly in the air that cause allergy symptoms. Testing options typically include skin and blood tests, although blood tests are less reliable than skin testing and does not directly indicate what you are reacting to. Immediately after testing you’ll meet with Dr. Zachmann to put together a treatment plan and discuss allergies and symptoms.

Who is a candidate?

While anyone with seasonal or year-round allergies are good candidates for allergy relief, those with severe symptoms are encouraged to seek immediate treatment.

What to expect

To get relief, Dr. Zachmann can help identify allergies and manage your symptoms, even strengthening your immunity.


Skin tests can be performed in-office and deliver fast results. Using these tests, the skin is exposed to various common allergens through a block pressed against the back of the arm, and then monitored for signs of a reaction that indicate an allergy.


Your doctor may recommend medications, nasal sprays or over-the-counter rinses for treatment of allergic rhinitis. Other options include allergy shots or allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy), which help the body’s immune system respond to substances that trigger an allergic reaction by gradually exposing the body to the allergen.

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