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Does Summer Heat Make Varicose Veins Worse?

JSC Varicose VeinsEach summer, thousands of Virginians brave the heat for hiking, swimming and fun in the sun. But, those who suffer from varicose veins can be acutely affected in the summer, both physically and emotionally, due to exacerbated symptoms and increased self-consciousness. 

Varicose veins form when one-way valves in the leg veins fail to keep blood moving to the heart. When the valves become damaged, blood pools in the bottom of the vein. This causes a bluish, swollen appearance, and the increased pressure in the affected veins can feel achy or painful. 
Warm temperatures and increased outdoor activity might cause more swelling or pain in your legs. When our bodies naturally heat up in the summertime, the veins dilate to enable more blood flow. Since those with varicose veins have difficulty regulating the blood flow, this often makes swelling worse. Extra swelling might cause more pain, heaviness or fatigue in your legs.

If your varicose vein symptoms worsen this summer, staying hydrated might relieve some discomfort. (Dehydration causes legs to swell and muscles to cramp.) To help ease swelling and fatigue, elevate your legs above your heart for 15 minutes, three times a day, and take frequent breaks from strenuous activity. You can also talk with a vein specialist about wearing compression stockings to improve circulation in your legs.
Don’t let the summer heat put you into hiding! The treatment for varicose veins is easier than ever. There are a number of minimally invasive treatment options to choose from, which typically take only an hour in our office. Plus, there’s virtually no downtime, so you can quickly return to your daily routine.
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer in confidence with a varicose vein treatment at Jefferson Surgical Clinic. Our physicians treat vein appearance and discomfort with a highly effective process known as endovenous laser ablation. The procedure does not require anesthesia, recovery time is minimal, and you’ll see results immediately.
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