As of Sunday, December 18, 2022, Jefferson Surgical Clinic (JSC) physicians and staff are employed by Carilion Clinic.

JSC and Carilion share the same philosophy about the practice of medicine. As a patient, you’ll receive the same care and compassion from your surgical provider. Also, you’ll have access to additional resources including MyChart, a secure online health management tool, and easy connections to many specialty services through an electronic medical record system.

If you have questions regarding an upcoming appointment, you can continue to reach your care team at (540) 283-6000..

The patient portal is no longer active due to system changes. You are able to pay your account balance using the “Bill Pay” button below instead of calling. For account questions, you may still call (540) 283-6070.

Patient Information & Medical Conditions

Allergy Audiology ENT Sinus



How Allergies Affect Your Child’s ENT?

Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

Rhinitis (Hay Fever) – Leaflet

Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Rhinosinusitis



Better Ear Health

Buying a Hearing Aid

Child’s Hearing Health

Child’s Hearing Loss

Child Hearing Screening

Child Tinnitus

Early Intervention in Hearing

Genes and Hearing Loss

Good Hearing Glossary

Hearing Loss – Leaflet

Hearing Loss and Ear Infection

How The Ear Works?

Increased sensitivity to sound

Infant Hearing Loss

Noise Hearing Protection

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Power of Sound


Travel Tips – Hearing Impaired

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

Deviated Septum

Nasal Fractures

Nose Surgery


Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatments

Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Pediatric Obesity and ENT Disorders What is otolaryngologist?

Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease


Dizziness, Motion Sickness

Earaches & Otitis Media

Ears & Altitude

Ear Tubes


Menieres Disease

Perforated Eardrum

Swimmer’s Ear

What is Otosclerosis?


Post Nasal Drip

Smell and Taste


Snoring Diet and Exercise Tips

Snoring Treatments

Stuffy NosesUnderstanding Your Nose



About Your Voice

Are We Through With Chew Yet?

Can Medications Harm My Voice?

Effects of Voice Medications

Fine Needle Aspiration

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

GERD & LPR – Leaflet


How The Voice Works

Keeping Your Voice Healthy

Laryngeal Cancer

LPR in Children

Mouth Sores

Nodules, Polyps & Cysts

Pediatric GERD

Problems That Affect Your Voice

Salivary Glands

Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand Smoke & Children

Sore Throats

Smokeless Tabacco

Special Care for Professional Voices

Swallowing Disorders

Thyroid Disorders & Surgery

Tips For Healthy Voices

Tips To Quit Smokeless Tabacco

Tongue Tied


Tonsils & Adenoids

Tonsils & Adenoids Post Surgery

Vocal Cord Paralysis

Voice Disorders



Antibiotics and Sinusitis

Do I Have Sinusitis?

Fungal Sinusitis

Pediatric Sinusitis

20 Questions – Sinuses

Sinus Headaches

Sinusitis Special Considerations

Sinus Pain

Sinus Surgery

Tips For Sinus Sufferer