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Facts about Facelifts (and other cosmetic procedures)

Facial rejuvenation consists of several different operations to help clients turn back the clock, allowing their facial appearance to potentially look decades younger.

Facelifts, browlifts, and eyelifts will not make someone look like a celebrity or change their bone structure. They are simply ways to reverse the effects of gravity on the skin.

People are taking better care of themselves nowadays, and they are living longer. Someone in their 60’s may feel inside like they’re 30, but their face may not appear that way.

Modern surgical techniques allow us to change this.

Overall, the goal of a facial rejuvenation procedure is to allow a patient to feel happier with their appearance. That’s Dr. Steven G. Harris’ specialty as a plastic surgeon.


A full facelift involves an operation that improves all the way to the bottom of the neck. A mini-facelift achieves about ¾ of the results of a full facelift, targeting the jawline and just below it. It is the more popular procedure of the two because a mini-facelift can be done in the office without having to go completely under anesthesia or going to the surgery center or hospital.


Eyelifts can be performed on the upper lid or the lower lid. They can help patients not only look better, but also see better. Upper lid eyelift surgery, when extra skin above the lid is affecting a patient’s vision, is sometimes covered by insurance companies.


Browlifts can also sometimes be covered for this reason and can be especially[BD1]  helpful for people with expressive eyebrows wanting a more youthful look. Gravity takes a terrible toll on eyebrows in both men and women as we get older. The more you move your eyebrows, the more they are loosened up and can be pulled down by gravity.

Before the Operation

The first step in any patient’s journey is always to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

During this consultation, patients can address their concerns with Dr. Harris and evaluate possible solutions to make sure the procedure in question is for them.

“When a patient comes to a plastic surgeon, the idea is to find what the best of several different options are for that particular patient, and to be sure they are going to be happier after the procedure than they were before,” says Dr. Harris.

Day of Operation

Most mini-facelift procedures take place in the office with oral medication and local anesthesia.

After scheduling an appointment for their operation, patients will pick up a prescription from their pharmacy.

Patients will bring those medications with them on the day of their appointment, to relax and raise their pain threshold during the operation.

As the operation begins, injections are administered to numb either side of the patient’s face. The numbing injections sting and burn for just a few seconds.

“There is no discomfort during the surgery, because the areas we needed numb are already numb,” says Dr. Harris.   

Depending on the procedure, the operation typically takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

Multiple procedures, when indicated, can be done during one operation appointment to save a patient time and money.

Patients will need someone to pick them up after their operation, as they will not be able to drive with the oral sedation medications still in their system.

The office will call the patient’s driver to pick them up after the operation is over. The patient will wear an elastic support overnight after having a mini-facelift.


Some patients will feel well enough to work within a day or two, but this depends on how much of your work depends on your appearance.

Most patients feel comfortable heading back to work about 10 days after their procedure.

Scars from facial rejuvenation procedures are intentionally and carefully hidden and are not noticeable from a conversational distance.

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