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Father’s Day Educational Symposiums in Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia

The Prostate Health and Education Network (PHEN) will host two educational symposiums in Virginia to address the widespread lack of knowledge about the prostate cancer epidemic that affects Black Americans.

Currently, Black American men suffer a death rate 2.5 times higher than men in all other racial and ethnic groups in our country.

PHEN will partner with local churches in selected cities on the Saturday before Father’s Day to address the following issues:

• Educating men and their family members about early detection, screening and their risk of developing the disease.

• Sharing resources for those who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families. This includes treatment options and, managing survivorship issues.

• Educating men with recurring prostate cancer and their families about current treatment options, clinical trials, and managing survivorship issues.

The symposiums take place on Saturday, June 15th. They are free and open to the public at the following locations in Virginia:

Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church in Newport News, Virginia
Basilica of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in Norfolk, Virginia

More information about this educational program is available on the PHEN website.