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Four Reasons to Have Your Hearing Checked

  1. Hearing loss is extremely common. One in five people age 12 and over have hearing loss. It is the third most common chronic health condition in older Americans behind arthritis and heart disease.
  2. Social events can be challenging, even stressful if you have untreated hearing loss. Musical performances can be distorted; lectures and worship services can be less fulfilling.
  3. There is a well-documented link between untreated hearing loss and dementia. Dr. Lin of Johns Hopkins University published a large study in 2011 showing the worse the untreated hearing loss, the more likely the person was to develop dementia. Similar results were recently published from a 2013 study.
  4. It’s easy! Most anyone can be successfully tested for hearing loss, from newborns to people over 100. And, most insurance companies cover the test.

If those reasons sound convincing enough, make an appointment with the Jefferson Surgical hearing specialists in Roanoke, Virginia. We’re here to help.