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JSC Mini Face OH 2018 WebartGo into the New Year feeling confident in your skin. 

Jefferson Surgical Clinic is holding a Mini-Facelift Open House on Wednesday, January 11, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. The event will be held at the Salem office at 1924 Braeburn Circle, Salem, VA.

Dr. Steven Harris, MD is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and will be sharing the information about various simple procedures that can restore your look – including a mini facelift.   

Register online or call 540-283-4962 to attend this event and learn how you can get fast results with little downtime.

winter blues December is Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness Month. This disorder is commonly referred to as the Winter Blues and affects about 5% of Americans. Shorter days, colder temperatures and holiday stress can all contribute to the Winter Blues.

Here are some tips for the staff at Jefferson Surgical Clinic to help you combat these seasonal blues.

Matthews Child donation box smallMatthew’s Child is a non-profit organization that provides support for foster and adoptive families in Roanoke, Virginia and surrounding areas. The mission of Matthew’s Child is to offer support to children, biological families, foster families and social workers.

Jefferson Surgical Clinic will be contributing to multiple Matthew’s Child programs, including Kids Survival KitsFirst Night Meals, and gifts for children this holiday season.

Throughout December, our various offices will be collecting items for these children and families.

JSC Audio OH 2017 FacebookHearing loss is more than an occasional inconvenience; it can impact your health and overall wellbeing.

Jefferson Surgical Clinic is holding an Audiology Open House on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.

The event will be held at:

JSC Salem office
1924 Braeburn Circle
Salem, VA

Dr. Kim Lower is a licensed audiologist and will present information about new technology available at JSC, ways to improve your hearing health, and what you can expect when you come in for a visit.

Register online or call 540-283-6085 to attend this event and learn about your options if you are experiencing hearing loss and want to improve your hearing health.

walkjscAt Jefferson Surgical Clinic, our staff is dedicated to helping people maintain healthy, happy lifestyles. This commitment goes well beyond the time our staff is working with patients at JSC.

In September, many members of our staff took part in two major fundraisers in Roanoke – Cure by Design and One Walk. Combined, the two events raised an estimated $450,000 for cancer research and funding juvenile diabetes research.

Fotolia 165189605 Subscription Monthly XLWhile summer is a great opportunity for many people to enjoy the outdoors, it can be a painful time – both physically and emotionally – for those with varicose veins.

Varicose veins occur when one-way valves are unable to pump blood to the heart and the blood pools at the bottom of the vein. Warm weather and exercise can cause these veins to increase in size and appearance, as well as become very painful.

Here are some tips to help reduce these symptoms this summer:

Steven G. HarrisAs you age, your upper and lower eyelids often begin to droop and appear puffy due to weakened muscles and excess fat. In addition to making you look older and tired, these sagging eyelids can also affect your peripheral vision.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of your eyelids and enhance your field of vision.

During this outpatient surgery, surgeons will create an incision where there is a natural crease in your eyelid and remove excess fat and skin to help improve the firmness of your eyelids. This extra firmness will help you look younger and more alert.

healthy Mouth Healthy Life JSCYou can learn a lot about a person by their smile. In fact, you may even be able to tell how healthy they are.

That’s because doctors have discovered that good oral health is often linked to better health overall. When dentists come across problems inside your mouth, it can often mean there is a problem deeper within body.

 "It’s over 130, I think, different systemic diseases that have some sort of oral sign or symptom,” said Dr. Joe Dill of Delta Dental. “It can be dry mouth, red spots, white spots, lumps, bumps, things like that. So dentists are really sort of the first line of seeing the results of something bigger going on in your body.”

William Z. HDoubler blog1Carotid Artery Surgery is commonly done to reduce the risk of stroke in patients who show signs of plaque buildup in the carotid artery. While this surgery can be lifesaving, it requires an incision which can leave a scar on the neck. 

Using ultrasound technology, those scars can now be reduced.

Dr. William H’Doubler, a vascular surgeon at Jefferson Surgical Clinic, has implemented a technique to reduce this scar by up to 50 percent. Using ultrasound prior to surgery, Dr. H’Doubler localizes the site of blockage and is able to make a more strategically placed incision. Often this will reduce the length of the scar from four inches to around two inches. Ultimately this makes the surgery less invasive and less traumatic for patients. Of course, safety is of paramount importance and the incision length is always made to ensure safe conduct of the procedure.

NCAA Basketball BracketHaving a vasectomy is something no guy likes to talk about. The very thought of having a doctor preform work “down there” will make most men start to squirm. But for couples who have decided they are done having children, this is the route many decide to take.

Thanks to March Madness, many men have decided March is the perfect time to take off for ball and, well, surgery. This gives guys the perfect excuse to stay on the couch and watch college basketball for hours at a time without feeling guilty about it.

doctor with heartHeart disease should be a concern for all Americans and especially for those who have a history of heart disease in their family. That’s why everyone—regardless of age—can benefit from healthy lifestyle and medical care choices. You’re never too old or too young!

In your 20s

During your first decade of adulthood, you probably feel pretty great and might not worry about what you eat or how often you exercise. But this is an important time to establish good habits.

heart attackIntense chest pain is the symptom most people think of when they think of a heart attack. That’s what you see in the movies, right?

In real life, a heart attack can begin with milder symptoms and leave you unsure about what’s wrong.

Dr. Molly Rutherford, a board-certified cardiologist at Jefferson Surgical Clinic, teaches patients the other signs of heart attack:

Fall AllergiesSeasonal allergies, including fall allergies, affect more than 35 million people every year. Characterized by a runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat, allergies are nothing to sneeze at – they cost the U.S. economy about $7 billion in lost productivity annually.

While others are enjoying football and pumpkin carving this fall, allergy sufferers are thinking about their ragweed misery.  Read on to learn more about autumn allergens, how to protect yourself and when to seek help.

Hearing TestWe hear a lot about the smells and sights of fall, from pumpkin pie to the fall foliage. But what about the sounds like crunching leaves and a crackling fire?

Your hearing is an integral part of how you experience seasonal changes – and life around you.

Since October is National Audiology Awareness Month, the team at Jefferson Surgical Clinic wants to stress the importance of healthy hearing, and encourage you to use hearing protection and get regular hearing screenings.

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