Planning your vasectomy around major sporting events

NCAA Basketball BracketHaving a vasectomy is something no guy likes to talk about. The very thought of having a doctor preform work “down there” will make most men start to squirm. But for couples who have decided they are done having children, this is the route many decide to take.

Thanks to March Madness, many men have decided March is the perfect time to take off for ball and, well, surgery. This gives guys the perfect excuse to stay on the couch and watch college basketball for hours at a time without feeling guilty about it.

Sports fans don’t have to limit their timing to March Madness. Other men have opted to have their vasectomy during the Master’s golf tournament, college football bowl season, or the playoff season of their favorite sport.

Remember: don’t get too worked up during the ball game(s).

Last modified on Friday, 24 March 2017 21:12