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Mini-Facelift Open House – Thursday, May 8th

Getting older is a fact of life.

But maybe you don’t feel older. And we’d like you to know that there’s a way to age gracefully, while retaining your natural beauty. Mini-facelift procedures allow you to look the way you feel – youthful, and energetic.

Join Dr. Steven Harris and the staff at Jefferson Surgical Clinic for an open house on Thursday, May 8th. We’ll answer your questions about the mini-facelift, including techniques, procedures, and the ways in which mini-facelift sessions can restore your natural beauty.

As with many other medical procedures, there are plenty of myths about mini-facelift procedures, but we encourage you to attend this Open House and get the facts for yourself, from surgical professionals. Reservations are recommended for this event.

For more information on mini-facelift procedures, see our info page. RSVP online, or by calling (540) 283-4962.