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Minimally invasive surgery with da Vinci Surgical System

 A new world of treatment possibilities has been created by the da Vinci Surgical System now being used by doctors at Jefferson Surgical Clinic. While it is called a “robotic” device, the surgeon controls every action of the surgical instruments. Like traditional laparoscopic methods, the da Vinci system allows surgery to be performed through small incisions, reducing trauma and improving recovery times. The system surpasses older laparoscopic equipment because it offers significant improvements in vision, precision and control.

Da Vinci Advantages

The da Vinci advantages include superior vision—using 3D, high definition images—and instruments that bend and rotate better than the human wrist. These characteristics make the system a favored tool for gynecology, cardiothoracic and urology procedures.

Urology Applications

In the past, urologic surgeons found laparoscopic tools difficult to use for procedures such as prostate removals because of the rigidity of their 2-dimensional imagery. Now, some 90 percent of prostate removals in the U.S. are done robotically.

New JSC surgeon Dr. Chris Reynolds is among doctors now using the da Vinci system for urology procedures. He comments, “It has been a pleasure to start seeing patients in Roanoke and Salem for a wide range of urological conditions. My wife and I have been impressed by the friendliness of people in this community, and it has been gratifying to help patients here.”

Dr. Reynolds will be providing robotic surgery at LewisGale Medical Center for a variety of prostate and kidney issues. He notes, “I will be utilizing the DaVinci surgical system for partial and radical nephrectomy, radical prostatectomy, renal cyst decortication, and pyeloplasty.” When he performs these procedures robotically there is reduced blood loss, better visualization and more precise surgery, which contributes to patients going home sooner and having a shorter recovery time.

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