Jefferson Surgical Clinic Interventional Center

The Interventional Center
4437 Starkey Road SW, Suite A
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: (540)283-3881

Practice Areas
Declotting of dialysis grafts
Dialysis graft and fistula management
Drainage procedures/Nephrostomy tube exchanges
ESI – Epidural steroid injection
EVLT – Endovenous laser treatment/Sclerotherapy
PICC line placement
Port placement
Tunnel catheter placement
Ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsy
Vascular Stenting 

Colin T. Brandt, M.D., RPVI
James T. Callis, M.D., FACS
James G. Drougas, M.D., FACS
Thomas D. Conlee, M.D.
William Z. H’Doubler, M.D., FACS
Witold Brozyna, M.D.

"It's not that we mean to, but we can take our doctors for granted. I thought it was time I really thanked you for all the times in the past and today that you have been a blessing to me."
- Marshal C.

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Vascular Screenings