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Balloon Sinuplasty is an office-based surgical procedure used to alleviate chronic sinusitis and its accompanying symptoms. It uses a small balloon catheter that inflates to enlarge the drainage pathways of the nasal sinuses, freeing blockages and helping to prevent future infections and symptoms. This leads to open, clear nasal passages.

Who is a candidate?

Many people with sinus problems are good candidates for balloon sinuplasty, and it can be used with other treatments if needed. Good candidates for balloon sinuplasty include those who:

  • Have chronic sinusitis or recurring sinus infections
  • Struggle with symptoms such as nasal congestion, sinus pressure, coughing, headaches and chronic bad breath due to sinus issues

What to expect

For this procedure, Dr. Zachmann inserts a catheter into the nose to reach the inflamed sinus. Then a small balloon is slowly inflated to gently widen and restructure the sinus passage walls and drain blockages. After 10 seconds, the balloon is carefully removed. There is no cutting involved (it is minimally invasive), and the entire process can be done in in the office. Some medications to help with relaxation and prevention of discomfort are given beforehand.

Balloon sinuplasty also does not require general anesthesia and is performed right here at Jefferson Surgical Clinic, making treatment more affordable than sinus surgery and ensuring a quicker recovery time.

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