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For those who experience persistent ear infections or fluid build-up, ear tubes may be necessary. An ear tube is then inserted to help equalize pressure and drain any fluid that has become trapped behind the eardrum. The tubes typically fall out within the next year on their own. Ear tubes are surprisingly more often placed in in adults than in children as ear blockage and fluid becomes more common with age and allergies.

What to expect

This is a procedure than takes less than a minute per ear. The ear will be examined with a microscope, and a small drop of numbing medicine will be placed on the eardrum and a tiny opening will be created. The tube will be placed, and the procedure will be complete. There is no pain afterward and most patients can’t tell the tube is there, other than relief of ear pressure. Dr. Zachmann will monitor the ear tube until it comes out to be sure you don’t need another one.

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