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Blepharoplasty is a procedure that repairs droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat. As you get older, your eyelids stretch, and the muscles supporting them weaken. As a result, excess fat may gather above and below your eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, droopy upper lids and bags under your eyes.

Who is a candidate?

Blepharoplasty is perfect for patients whose vision is affected by overhanging eyelids, as well as those who want to achieve a younger appearance.

What to expect

This outpatient procedure removes excess skin and fat from your upper and/or lower eyelids. As part of the upper-lid surgery, an incision is made along the natural crease in the eyelid, and excess fat and skin are removed, yielding firmer eyelids that don’t hinder vision, while delivering a youthful, more alert appearance.

Bruising and swelling generally subside in 10 to 14 days, though the scars from the surgery may take months to fully fade. Be sure to protect your delicate eyelid skin from too much sun exposure.

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