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Who is a candidate?

Minimally-invasive surgical procedures can be performed through the smallest of incisions, often only 1-2 cm. These types of procedures can be much more beneficial to patients than undergoing an open surgery. Minimally invasive surgeries can be very effective in treating your condition and provide better clinical outcomes. In addition, patients often may experience less pain, a shorter hospital visit and allows patients to return to their daily lives much quicker! Ask your physician about what minimally-invasive surgical options are available for you.

Jefferson Surgical Clinic offers minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer for well over a decade now. Prostate cancers that are treated with robotic approach typically led to a much faster recovery, patients get out of the hospital much sooner and the catheter tends to be in for a short amount of time. Far lower risk of scar tissue formation where the bladder is sewn back to the urethra with a lower incidence of immediate operative complications, such as rectal injury.

What to expect

The most important thing to realize about recovery after a robotic surgery is that patients are fully expected to feel as if little has occurred within a few weeks after the procedure. Patients are usually back to work, if they wish to be, within this timeframe.

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