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Prostate Cancer: Men Will Be Men

Men will be men.  You are one – or love one – and know that most men seem to put off going to the doctor unless they have symptoms of something.  It’s a guy thing.

When it comes to your prostate, you have to be in the know.  And getting in the know about your body means you need to begin screening for Prostate Cancer at age 40.  Why?

You need a baseline.  And you and your doctor can easily follow any changes in your PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) which is a protein produced by your prostate.  If the numbers spike, you might have an issue.

Here’s the deal with Prostate Cancer: There are no symptoms, no signs.

So you have to get checked.  Yearly.  No big deal.

There are two simple tests that take 10 seconds each.  Your doctor will take a blood sample from your arm and a quick digital exam of your rectum.  Done.

And if you have Prostate Cancer, the great news is that early detection is likely to result in a cure.

So it’s cool to be in the know.  Get screened, get it done yearly.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month…make it a point to get your prostate checked.

Jefferson Surgical Clinic’s team of urologists employs the latest technologies for screening.  Make an appointment for yourself – or the man you love – today.