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The Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program

Dr. Robert L.A. KeeleyWe are so fortunate to have a comprehensive Healing Arts Program in Roanoke. At Jefferson Surgical Clinic, we are especially proud of the fact that Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley, one of our founding partners, was the creator of this integrated approach to healing. The program bears his name as a tribute to this extraordinary man and physician who recently passed away at the age of ninety-two.

Dr. Keeley started the Healing Arts Program to provide activities for patients to make their post-operative or recovery hospital stay more advantageous. He knew how important it is to treat the whole patient, not just their symptoms. Healing arts programs have shown to be beneficial in reducing length of stay and the need for pain medication. Blood pressure and heart rates are also reduced by the inspirational and restorative program components.

The Dr. Robert L.A. Keely Healing Arts Program uses literary, performing and visual art experience to enhance and facilitate the healing process. Located at Carilion Clinic, the program offers a variety of artistic experiences for patients, families, and staff. Artists in Residence perform art, music, dance and theater to stimulate the patient’s interests. The Food is Art Gallery provides the artists with creative expression and the viewers with interesting visuals. Journaling provides patients the opportunity to express themselves. And the Healing Garden provides a quiet, beautiful place to reflect, relax and get away from the hospital setting. Together, these components create a calming, inspirational and restorative environment  that address the emotional needs of patients and their families.

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