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Types of Hearing Loss

hearing aid from behind earWhile hearing loss is common—one out of three Americans over the age of 65 have some degree of hearing loss—it’s a topic that is often avoided. Learning about this condition can help you manage symptoms and improve your ability to work, learn, and enjoy life. Types of hearing loss are:

Conductive Hearing Loss

When sound isn’t properly transferred to the eardrum and the middle ear, the condition is called conductive hearing loss. Symptoms include reduced sound levels and the inability to hear faint sounds. Medical and surgical techniques can sometimes correct this type of hearing loss.
Causes of conductive hearing loss include injury, infection, allergies, benign growths and structural problems.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Damage to the inner ear or nerves can result in sensorineural hearing loss. A type of permanent hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss can’t be improved by medical or surgical techniques.
As a result, it may be difficult to hear faint sounds and speech at normal volumes. Causes of sensorineural hearing loss include illnesses, exposure to toxic materials, trauma, aging, hereditary conditions, structural problems and exposure to loud noises.

Mixed Hearing Loss

When both conductive and sensorineural hearing problems are experienced, the condition is called mixed hearing loss.
Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment
It’s best not to ignore the causes and effects of hearing loss. With proper evaluation and diagnosis, you can receive effective treatments and use hearing aids and assisted listening devices to improve your quality of life.

At Jefferson Surgical Clinic, licensed audiologist Dr. Kim Lower specializes in the treatment and management of hearing and balance disorders. Dr. Lower provides comprehensive audiology services, including audiogram hearing evaluations and hearing aid dispensing.

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